Powerful intellectual platform able to meet the full range of translation needs on the enterprise level related to work with documents and data in different languages
PROMT Professional 18
350 USD

For PROMT 11 and PROMT 12 users: upgrade with discount of 50%

Instant translation of documents in different formats without middlemen

Translation does not need an Internet connection.

Instant translation in user environment preserving all key parameters.

Config tools for exact customer-oriented translation.

Text translator and dictionary
New translation modules greatly improve the quality of technical, scientific and news texts translation.
Translation where desired
PROMT Agent application allows for translating without switching between application screens. You simply have to select a word or a text fragment in any application (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, browsers, messengers) and the resulting translation will appear right then and there in a popup window alongside of the original text
Warranted confidentiality in translation
The software does not require an Internet connection – no expenses on Internet traffic and the absolute guarantee of confidentiality of translated data.

Ease of use
This is an opportunity to translate large-sized documents in different formats, to adopt translation to newcomers and advanced users, plug-ins and agents – all this makes PROMT translator an ideal tool for working with information in different languages.

Additional capabilities
New languages are added to the Version 18 – Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Kazakh - for online communications, search and online translation of documents.

Major companies put trust in PROMT products

«We have recently installed the PROMT solution, but we are already using it actively. As a whole, the first impressions are positive: with PROMT we obtain texts for further editing, and the rest of work is performed much faster than if translation was made manually.», - Aigul Garifullina, translator, General Electric representative office.

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«PROMT Professional translator, with a collection of dictionaries, allows me to cope with many things much quicker and more effectively.” – Professor Cliff Cunningham says. – “Reading scientific articles, corresponding with colleagues, planning of international events – I can do all of these things without wasting time on routine translation issues. Now I have more time to spend on the scientific work proper».

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