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iTranslate4.eu becomes fully operational

The PROMT Company, a leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for corporate and individual users, announced the launch of iTranslate4.eu project.

iTranslate4.eu is an international online translation service, created by 10 European translation system developers including PROMT within two years.

Implementation of the scale project, supported by European Union, joined forces of the leaders in machine translation from different countries. The total investment amounted to about 4 million euros.

Project development is coordinated by Research Institute for Linguistics (Hungary), and besides PROMT the number of participants includes MorphoLogic (Hungary), SYSTRAN (France), Linguatec (Germany), pwn.pl (Poland), Skaykod (Bulgaria), Amebis (Slovenia), Sunda (Finland), Trident MT (Latvia).

Partners of the project have consolidated their experience and resources to create a unique innovative online service. The high standard of translation is achieved by continuous control and project development.

Beta testing of the service began in summer 2011, and now developers declared an official project launch.

The goal of the service is to create online translator for all the European languages in order to immprove mutual understanding among the peoples living in Europe. The best translation software developed in Europe was carefully selected for the project. As a result iTranslate4.eu has mastered 45 languages, and all the European languages and the most popular languages of the world are among them. As the translation engines presented by the participants didn't cover all possible combinations, it was decided to combine technologies of different developers. The development and implementation of these combinations makes the iTranslate4.eu project unique.

On the contrary, for the translation into many popular languages, different developers had had ready solutions. That's why now for these languages the service offers several translation variants by different engines or the combination of engines.

users can rate the translators. It is remarkable, that PROMT translation is often rated better than others by experts and users.

At the same time PROMT continues developing its own Translate.ru online project, which is one of the most popular in Russian Internet. At the end of 2011 the service updated the design and the translation engine. According to TNS Web Index, in February 2012 Translate.ru attracted 8.4 million unique users, wich is 40% more than a year ago.

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