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PROMT Helps a Car Dealer to Communicate with its Suppliers

The authorized dealer of Volvo, Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover in the South Russia, Don Motors uses the PROMT solution.

The Company has been working in Rostov-on-Don for more than 10 years already. It represents foreign premium brands. To solve issues on car delivery and service promptly, the Company's employees need to communicate directly with suppliers without spending extra time for correspondence and decision-making. To prevent the business process from slowing down due to translation process, the company has deployed the PROMT Translation Server 9.5 Intranet Edition with the full set of dictionaries.

Using the solution tens or even hundreds of the Company's employees can translate texts instantly. The translation server is accessed via a web interface, and new users can connect to the server with little effort. In addition, the translation server is available not only at the head office, but also in the remote branches. More over, the PROMT system can be centrally set up for translation of specific terminology and text types used in the Company. The PROMT dictionaries were connected to the server for translation of specific terms used in automotive industry, IT, business, logistics, electronics and other fields of knowledge.

The PROMT translation functions can be built into various office applications, including Outlook. The Company uses this option, and the Company's employees translate all correspondence directly in the mail program without connecting to the translation service.

"The PROMT solution allowed the Don Motors make interaction with foreign partners faster and more effective, and also to simplify technical documentation processing, – says Edward Dolgachev, the Head of the Company's IT Department. – Using the PROMT translation system, we can improve the quality of service for our clients and provide the best service, which is especially important in the premium segment."

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