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PROMT Starts Sales of Deja Vu

St. Petersburg, July 25th, 2012. PROMT, a leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for Enterprise level clients and private users, became a distributor of the Deja Vu solutions.

Deja Vu X2 is one of the most convenient and effective programs based on the Translation Memory (CAT) technology for professional translators, translation agencies, and corporate translation departments, is released by a French company called Atril. The program is provided in five versions for various user categories. In Russia, the sole distributor of Deja Vu is the OK translation agency. According to the agreement with OK translation agency, PROMT now has the right to distribute Deja Vu.

Deja Vu systems allow reducing time spent on translation and text revision considerably keeping the highest translation quality.

The underlying principle of Translation Memory systems is to not translate the same text twice. For standardized texts (e.g., agreements, device or new software version descriptions), it is easier to not translate the entire text from scratch, but to use fragments of earlier made translations. Repeating segments are inserted into translations from Translation Memories. In addition, this technology ensures the uniform terminology for the whole text, which is extremely important for technical translations.

For translation of large volumes of standard documentation, an effective method is to combine Translation Memory and machine translation technologies. Each of the technologies is used to perform different subtasks within the common task: the Translation Memory technology is used to extract and insert earlier translated content, and the machine translation technology is used to translate new information.

Therefore, PROMT, the largest Russian vendor of machine translation systems, cooperates with Translation Memory solution providers for many years. All corporate solutions of PROMT, both desktop, and server versions support integration with Translation Memories. In addition, PROMT releases a solution for professional translators PROMT Language Service Provider. This solution provides a wide range of features for use of Translation Memories, compatibility with basic translation memory formats, and offers other special tools for translation process optimization.

"In recent years, more and more translators in our country use machine translation technologies, – says Julia Epifantseva, the Development Director of PROMT. – And it is a relevant tendency. People avoid routine work and participate in the process only where human creativity is essential, for example, during program customization before translation and in post-editing of automatically translated texts. It allows increasing the efficiency of translation agencies and freelancers considerably, and it also ensures the uniform terminology in translated documentation".

"Cooperation with PROMT is a good sign for development of the entire software industry for translators. Technical integration (you can connect PROMT translation system to Deja Vu) proves the increase of efficiency and software development, – marks Alsou Bikbayeva, the Head of Software Sales Department of the OK translation agency. – Together we can meet the customer requirements at best and satisfy the customer needs for high quality and quick translations".


PROMT is a leading developer of machine translation solutions for Enterprise level clients and individual users with its development center located in Russia.


  • More than 20 years of successful development, advancement and implementation of text translation solutions
  • 13 supported languages.
  • More than 10,000 major client companies in the education, finance, IT, science, and trade industries translation activities spheres worldwide Companies such as Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom, Lukoil, Adobe, Mail.Ru and many others are among the PROMT's customers.
  • Offices worldwide in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, Hamburg, Germany and San Francisco, California, USA
  • Online-translator.com, online translation service
  • Expert and mass media awards for the high solution quality, reliability, functionality and the overall convenience of solutions

About OK translation agency

  • The OK translation agency is founded in 2006 and is among 20 most known translation agencies in Russia.
  • The associated member of the Union of Translators of Russia.
  • The main office is located in Samara, another one is in Tolyatti; the company has regional representatives in Ufa, Kazan, and Hong Kong.
  • The company's primary activity is localization of software and computer games, as well as translation of project documentation in the filed of oil and chemistry industries.
  • Since 2010, the company is an official distributor of the Deja Vu translation memory programs in Russia and CIS countries.
  • Co-founder of the annual Translation Forum Russia.
  • The Director General of the OK translation agency, Demid Tishin, is a member of the working group for standard development in the area of translational services (International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Technical Committee No. 37 (TC37).

About Atril

Atril Language Engineering was founded in 1993.

• One of the leading translation memory program developer oriented towards creation of an all-in-one tool for translation based on the customer feedback and continuing collaboration with translators.

• The innovative company that offers flexible and user-friendly solutions.

• Main solution is the Deja Vu X2 systems.

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