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Online Shop Integrated the PROMT Translation into its Website

The PROMT Translation Server of 9.5 Developer Editions (PTS of 9.5 DE) solution is integrated into the structure of ZakazZaRaz.ru, an Internet club for buyers who prefer to shop abroad. The solution is used to implement translation into various applications, sites, corporate portals, document flow systems.

ZakazZaRaz.ru is oriented towards Russian users who want to buy products of foreign (mainly, American) companies. The offered goods are divided into the following categories: clothes, footwear, accessories, and electronics.

The information from a number of foreign catalogues in English is collected at the website. However, to choose a product, a buyer need to study its description, that is why, a translation into Russian is necessary.

"It is impossible to translate all descriptions manually because of large volume of texts, – says the Project Manager, Evgeny Maltsev . – The use of manual translation would cause considerably delays for the information display at the website and would increase the costs for the company, as well. Buyers would get goods descriptions with considerable time delays, the information would always be incomplete, and the cost of service would include the additional expenses for translation. Therefore, it was decided to use a rather inexpensive method providing good results in short terms – the machine translation technology. The PTS of 9.5 Developer Editions is integrated into the website structure, and the translation into Russian is made right after a new good description is added to the base. Certainly, the machine translation quality differs from the quality of translation made by a professional translator, but the translation is quite understandable, and the set objective, that is to provide goods descriptions to buyers in the real time mode, can be reached with successfully. If necessary, the customer can also view the original text."

"Translation of goods descriptions is a classical case of a translation server usage, – says Julia Epifantseva, the Development Director of PROMT. – Our solutions can be easily integrated into the website, and the necessary customization for translation of a specific object domain is provided. For small projects, machine translation allows considerable saving material and time resources for the content localization, and for large ones, the PROMT translator can be customized to perform company-specific tasks. That is why the PROMT solutions are integrated in hundreds of websites in Russia and abroad."

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