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International Translation Day!

PROMT congratulates translators, interpreters, linguists and all the people studying foreign languages or just interested in different cultures on the upcoming International Translation Day! This holiday is celebrated all around the globe on September 30 th in the memory of Saint Jerome, a patron saint of translators, famous for his canonical translation of the Bible into Latin.

Translators and interpreters help people of different languages and cultures to understand each other better eliminating linguistic barriers, so no wonder that among the mottos of this holiday were “Translation is a basis of multilingualism and cultural diversity” and “The right to a language is a basis of all human rights”.

For more than 25 years, PROMT has been helping people from different countries to understand each other with the help of its intelligent programs for translation. And to commemorate this date we arranged a BIG SALE of all our products.

Till October 1st inclusive you can choose best offer for mobile translators for iOS and Android, simple programs for everyday use on Windows and Mac OS X, as well as full-scale solutions for professional translators.

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