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Happy New PROMT! A new version of PROMT 11 translators is available since November 11

The PROMT company is pleased to inform that PROMT 11 – a new generation of automatic translators has been released. Since November 11, 2015 all users can purchase a new versions of PROMT solutions for private and corporate use.

Any and every PROMT 11 translator makes a real difference from predecessors by a more exact and adequate translation. Each translator has extended dictionaries, enriched special terminology and improved translation technology. The result is that the translation has become even more “smooth” and accurate.

PROMT Translation Server 11: absolutely new and high-intelligent

A flagship solution for corporate use - PROMT Translation Server 11 has been greatly changed not only linguistically, but also has acquired an brand new interface. The new solution design is made in a Zen style characterized by exquisite simplicity. The main interface colors replicate natural ones: that of stone, sand, verdure, and the used font reminds sharp ink lines. All this by no means draws the user away from his main task – fast translation, quite the opposite it facilitates and makes the process comfortable and cozy. The key translator's functions are shown in the main menu, one can choose the following: Text translation, Website translation, Document translation or Search in dictionaries. The control of all solution capabilities is at once apparent and does not require preliminary training.

Besides external metamorphose, PROMT Translation Server 11 has also obtained extra innovative user options. From now on it is safe to call it “intelligent automatic translator”! With a new function SmartTechnology the process of translation is performed instantaneously and without undue efforts of the user. In translation, PROMT Translation Server 11 automatically identifies the source language, format, type and subject matter of your document. Depending on the result the software itself selects the required settings for the most exact translation. The user gets the complete translation of the document with maintenance of the structure and original format. You load a document and in a matter of seconds you obtain the translated text, and all this – in automatic mode!

For ease of users the package includes free client-applications - PROMT Agent - for iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. These applications ensure easy and safe access to the corporate translator whenever and wherever you are from smart phone, tablet or PC.

A list of languages available for connection to the server translator is also widened . The new version has a possibility of adding language combinations English<>Finnish and English<>Arabic. A total number of supported languages have grown to 17!

For more information about all capabilities of the new PROMT Translation Server 11>>

Or order the free demo access and test the solution yourself within 30 days>>

PROMT Professional 11: new generation of business translators

A family of desktop PROMT Professional 11 translators continues the range of new PROMT 11 intelligent translators . All versions of PROMT Professional 11 also include a new component SmartTechnology to determine automatically the main parameters of the document to be translated.

It means that PROMT Professional 11 by itself selects the settings required for accurate translation with due allowance for specific features of any individual document. No matter how lengthy is an incoming text, just one click – and the translation is waiting for you! The user obtains an identical document with all charts, tables, links and layout, but this time in the language the user needs.

For more information about the new PROMT Professional 11 >>

Home PROMT 11 translators: a higher IQ

All users of home PROMT 11 translators will find out the substantially improved translation quality. An even more adequate and exact translation is now ensured by new intelligent algorithms and the expanded content of dictionaries.

The easy, convenient and casual translator - PROMT Home 11, or the advanced full-range PROMT Professional - implies always comfortable and fast translation, and, needless to say, proven quality!

Choose your PROMT 11 translator during your studies or working from home >>

Special conditions for the users of PROMT version a 9.0 – 10.0

Everybody who already uses PROMT translators of previous versions (9.0, 9.5 and 10.0), can shift to the modern PROMT 11 upon special terms – at a discount of 50%. In order to get discount fill the special ordering form .

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