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PROMT presents new generation of translators for private users

PROMT has launched the completely new PROMT 18 desktop translators for Windows for private users. From 6 December 2017, all users can purchase new products for private use at the PROMT Internet store and from its partners.

PROMT Master: A Master of its craft

The new product is designed for swift and precise translation of texts of any size, documents and separate words in thematic reference dictionaries. The product design stands out for its ease and simplicity, it is clear at first glance how to use all the options, and no preliminary tutorials are required. The main functions of the translator are included in the main menu, and immediately offer users the necessary tab for translation – “Text”, “Document” or “Dictionary”.

One of the main features of the product is the translation of documents with preservation of the original structure and formatting. In translating a document, the program uses the integrated component Smart Technology to determine the main parameters automatically: the language of the document, its format, type and topic, to use a suitable profile from the ones available in the program. The user receives a ready document in the required language, with preservation of the original formatting. After the document is uploaded, you receive the translation in mere seconds, and it all takes place in complete confidentiality, as the program does not use outside resources for the translation and does not transfer data.

To solve routine tasks in translation, for example the translation of separate words, short phrases in correspondence, text fragments in presentations, MS office or PDF documents, and information on websites, the program contains the universal plug-in PROMT Agent. You simply select the required word or text fragment, press the hot keys, and the translation appears in a pop-up window, without having to switch between program windows. PROMT Agent is the fastest and most reliable path to translation! You can even use it to translation texts in images, and website pages and documents in their entirety.

PROMT products always offer a wide range of options for linguistic settings. The new product is also no exception. It contains the sections “My dictionary”, “My memory” and “My words without translation”, which can be used to save the most important phrases in the database that are difficult for automatic translation, to influence the translation of words and to add new set phrases to the program. The interface for linguistic settings is distinguished by its sensible minimalism, sophistication and ease of use.

The look-up dictionary integrated into the product contains modern vocabulary and offers convenient tools for intelligent searching: users do not need to enter words in full, and can use pop-up suggestions. Translations are sorted by parts of speech, with the main word forms given for each word, and set expressions and phrases are suggested along with translations.

PROMT Lite: Just the essentials

PROMT Lite a simplified version of the new product which can be used to translate unformatted texts of any size, and also to translate selected word and text fragments in any Windows applications using PROMT Agent. This simple application will assist users with personal and business correspondence, in searching useful information on the Internet, and in studying foreign languages.

PROMT Lite and Master contain integrated profiles such as “Private correspondence”, “Travel”, “Online shopping”, “Information technology”, “News and others for translating specialized texts.

“The new PROMT translators for private users are an absolutely new platform developed according to modern standards and market demands. The products with the possibility of translating texts in any applications and documents with preservation of formatting in a convenient and modern interface give users unique capabilities of working with information in foreign language,” says Nikita Shablykov, PROMT sales director. “There are many translation tasks where users prefer solutions which ensure privacy in working with information, and so they must be able to work offline. Additionally, the new PROMT 18 products are simply pleasant to use.”

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