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PROMT announces Back to School advertising action for @promt 7.0 translation software
Back to School! Purchase @promt Office 7.0 and save 10%!

PC Magazine/French Edition chooses @promt
PROMT company, the leader in the field of machine translation technologies, announces obtaining the award "The Editor’s Choice" from PC Magazine / French Edition.

PROMT starts new marketing action for @promt 7.0 translation software
Catch Up Summer! – purchase PROMT software and save 15%!

PROMT temporary phone numbers for August 12-19
For the period from August 12-19, 2005 contact us by temporary phone numbers as follows.

Hot Summer Action – purchase PROMT software and benefit from our special action!
Special summer offer - 10% off all the translation software and specialized dictionaries!

Happy Father’s Day action – don’t forget to purchase PROMT software and make a gift!
Buy gifts for your stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and adult male friends.

Flag Day – congratulations to all Americans and special action offering!
Special offer - 15% off for @promt Professional 7.0.

PROMT conquers the world corporate market with new translation directions
PROMT offers corporate translation solutions with new directions: French to Spanish, Spanish to French, Portuguese to English and French to German!

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