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PROMT announced network version of @promt translation system

For immediate release

Press contacts:
Alexander Andreev
Marketing Manager
+7 (812) 327-4425

St. Petersburg, Russia, July 10, 2003 - PROMT the leading provider of machine translation technologies, announced today the release of network translation solution @promt NET Professional.

@promt NET Professional is a complete translation solution that allows companies to reach and communicate with their partners, customers and employees worldwide. The solution uses client-server architecture and belongs to @promt translation software family which is based on the advanced PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation, XT) machine translation technology. The core @promt translation software is powered by revolutionary new multidimensional dictionary architecture.

The most clients of @promt NET Professional are medium to large businesses who have as a simple needs to read/translate foreign documents, contracts and e-mails as a need to provide powerful translation functions for a one of its departments or even all workplaces in the company. In all these cases @promt NET Professional is the most cost-effective, fast and reliable solution.

@promt NET Professional consists of server part and client applications. The server part is installed on enterprise server and includes translation engine, general dictionary databases and administration utilities. The translation capabilities of @promt NET Professional client applications are similar to that ones of @promt Professional.

It is worth to note that client applications of @promt NET Professional may be installed on user computers of unlimited number. @promt NET Professional provides substantial cost-savings because of beneficial license policy. The license policy limits only the number of users working online with the server. The other limit is enterprise server resources as well. Thus the profitable license policy makes possible to provide translation capabilities for any workplaces in organization.

The network solution provides translation for the following directions: English <-> Spanish, English < - > German, English <-> Russian, French <-> Russian and German <-> Russian. @promt NET Professional requires Microsoft Windows NT/2000 platform.

"@promt NET Professional is a diamond in @promt family constellation. We positioned @promt NET Professional as a complete translation solution for companies of medium to large size whose business requires stepping forward quickly and conquering for new markets and customers. I am sure that @promt NET Professional will help them to add value to their business," said Michael Kanichev, sales & marketing director of PROMT.


PROMT, founded in 1991, is a world leader in the natural language processing technologies. PROMT offers translation solutions for the Internet, corporate Intranets, PCs, handheld devices and WAP under trade mark @promtT. The @promt solutions integrate with Translation Memory (TM) solutions (TRADOS) and proprietary terminology extraction system.

@promtT enables XML and XBRL documents translation with powerful engine for customization of the translation rules. PROMT offers the first translation solution for Microsoft .NET platform.

Free online test of PROMT XT is available at www.Online-Translator.com.

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