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Back to school - the autumn discounts for all at PROMT web shop

PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies, announced that the ‘back to school’ discount is now on!

We welcome you to visit PROMT Internet Shop because we would like to offer a special discount to anyone, who is going to be back from the summer vacation at the desk or at the faculty.

It’s autumn already and it’s time to start again the process of studying for the scholars and the process of teaching for the professors. Any of the @promt family products is a great assistance to improve the quality of your knowledge and research in a forthcoming year.

Whether you are a student in a school, college or university. And even if you are a post-graduate student working hard to get a PhD or a Professor trying even harder to teach the new stars of science and business, our products will be of help. The machine translation systems will save your time and give you access to the information created by your foreign peers. Get the documents in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian translated.

Special action: 7% discount for any student or post-graduate or professor for any of our products and a special 30% discount for the first-year students. In addition, a 15% discount to the universities, colleges, high-schools and other educational centers for all and any of our corporate solutions, including @promt NET professional.

Please contact our sales team to apply by email: shop@e-promt.com or by phone: +7.812.3317540.

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