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PROMT Technologies Integrated into Crosslanguage Solutions
PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise-level clients and private users, has announced a new partnership with Crosslanguage Inc.

New White Papers available!
Want to know how Machine Translation works? Please visit the updated White Papers section of our website!

Online-Translator.Com Updated
PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise level clients and private users , reports that the updated Online-Translator.Com, the international version of PROMT's Translate.Ru service, has launched.

Brazilian Translators Meet PROMT
On the 3 rd of November, in São Paulo, Brazil, at the Café com Tradução translation conference,professional translator William Cassemiro, certified by ProZ and associated with both the Brazilian and the American Translators Association (ABRATES and ATA), will report on how to use machine translation and Translation Memory to improve a translator's overall performance.

PROMT Translator Takes First Place in International Contest
PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise-level clients and private users, proudly announces that PROMT's translation technology has won the lead in an international contest in Bulgaria.

PROMT Helps the Biologists of Duke University
PROMT automatic translation tools are hard at work for Duke University, one of the most famous higher educational institutions in the USA.

Translate.Ru Offers an Option on How to Save on Roaming
Translate.Ru (Online-translator.Com) owned by PROMT, the leading translation service of the Russian Internet, announces the release of a new version of a mobile application with an innovative traffic-saving mode.

PROMT Solution Receives the Highest Expert Rating
Experts of the PC Magazine/Russian Edition test laboratory assigned the highest grade to the industry server solution of PROMT IT and Telecommunications during their recent laboratory testing.

PROMT Introduces Advanced Technology
Recently, there was a buzz about the present and the future of translation in St. Petersburg at the conference "AINL: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language" and in the Moscow region at the International conference on computational linguistics "Dialogue 2013".

Mobile Translate.Ru Has Come to the German Market
Translate.Ru, the top online translation service in the Russian Internet, owned by PROMT, announces the release of the German version for mobile applications.

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