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PROMT translation software wins prestigious CNews 2007 Award

CNews 2007 diploma and award for PROMT translation software technology

PROMT, a leading provider of machine translation software, was presented with a “Best Russian Technologies” award at the first Russian IT Technology CNews Awards 2007 ceremony.

CNews Awards is the only Russian awards program for information technology in business and was established by CNews magazine, a popular IT publication in Russia. Managing directors of Russian and foreign companies, government representatives, industry experts, and journalists attended the ceremony in Moscow, where 10 companies in 10 categories were selected by the attendees during a poll conducted before the ceremony.

PROMT’s selection left its competitors far behind. Further information about the awards and the winners, together with a video of the event, can be seen at http://awards.cnews.ru/2007/ .

“I am very proud that our company is one of the first winners of the CNews Awards. Our machine translation software technology continues to receive high praise from customers, technology publications, and independent experts around the world. I’m particularly proud that our award came in the ‘Russian technology’ category in particular. We look forward to next year’s CNews awards and the new and important technologies it will showcase to the world,” said Svetlana Sokolova, president of PROMT.

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