Activate your product


To receive your activation code you need to provide the registration information about your installed PROMT product. This information is available in Activation Wizard of in the Registration extension of your product.

* Product ID:
* Installation code:
* Product license number:

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If you cannot complete your activation online, you can receive your activation code by submitting your Product ID, Installation Code, and License Number by phone at 1-877-526-7416 (Toll free customer support number) or e-mail
How activation works

Activation of @promt can be done with the Activation Wizard which opens automatically upon launching any installed @promt product that has not been activated yet.
Alternatively activation can be done via Registration form which is within the standard @promt product set. To access the form, select Start, Programs (or All Programs), PROMT, Registration.

It is necessary to activate @promt product within 45 days from the date of installation. Failure to activate your copy of the product during this period will cause the product to stop working.

Please note that @promt dictionary collections and additional language pairs do not require activation.

To get the activation code it is necessary to have the registration information for the installed @promt product. This information is available either via Activation Wizard or Registration form (please see above).

If, for some reason, the activation procedure on our site was not successful, you can obtain the activation code by contacting the number below. Please have your Product identifier, Installation code and Product license available when you call.

  • By phone: +7-800-333-5557 (toll free Russia only)
  • By fax: +7-812-327-4483
  • By E-Mail: