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ID : 35239
Modify date: 12/06/2017 05:49:35 pm

[KB09006] "Error occurred in the module of translation" error message in Internet Explorer 9
While translating an entire web-page in Internet Explorer 9 the following error message appears: "Error occurred in the module of translation".

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Click Customize Translation Options on the «PROMT Translator» toolbar.
  3. Open the Commands tab.
  4. In the Translate Entire Page command group, select Translate current frame only.
  5. Click OK.

Information in this article concerns the following products:
PROMT 9.0, PROMT 9.5, PROMT 10, PROMT 11, PROMT 12, PROMT 12, PROMT 18
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