Open the World with PROMT Home 12!

PROMT Home 12 provides high-quality translation for any texts, websites, and correspondence. PROMT Home 12 includes ready-to-use profiles for the most popular subjects including travel, sports, music, cinema, and many others.

Full Functionality in Offline Mode

To work, this program does not require an Internet connection. Install the translator on your computer, notebook or tablet, and you will be able to use the program anywhere, anytime.


Translate directly in the application you are using with our new revolutionary PROMT Agent function! Simply select a word or a text fragment, click a "hotkey", and the resulting translation will appear in a popup window of PROMT Agent. PROMT Agent will help you to be quick on the uptake on any website and view documents instantly! The original language is determined automatically.

Modern Dictionary

If you need to look up individual words, you will always have access to a dictionary with translation variants and grammatical assistance readily available. You can create your own electronic dictionary, for use either manually or automatically. This feature is very convenient function for anyone learning a new language!

Safety of Confidential Information

When you translate in a web service, there is a risk of exposing important information to the Internet. If you use PROMT Home 12, your information will be secure because all translations and document processing will be expressly contained on your computer.


The personal user section will help you to learn more about the program, get discounts on future PROMT purchases and upgrades, and receive dictionary updates.

What's new

The new PROMT Home 12 performs a more accurate translation and knows even more modern words! It also features some incredible functions:
- new translation profiles: Online purchase, Study, Private Correspondence, Gadgets
- new languages: Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese for online translation
- displaying translation variants of the selected word or phrase
(in PROMT Agent and PROMT Translator)

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