Delivering innovation and competitive language solutions

PROMT has developed unique machine translation technologies that provide the highest translation accuracy and quality.

PROMT software currently support seven of the most widespread European languages:

  • English (including British and American English);
  • Spanish (including Castilian and Latin American Spanish);
  • German (including Swiss-German);
  • French (including Swiss, Belgian, and Canadian French);
  • Italian;
  • Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese);
  • Russian.

The number of supported languages is constantly increasing. At the present time, PROMT technology supports 25 translation directions.

PROMT software is integrated with and supports text and website translation for the following applications:

  • Microsoft Office 2000/2003/XP/2007
  • Internet Explorer 5.х-7.х
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5/2.0
  • ICQ PRO 2003/ICQ 5
  • OpenOffice Writer 2.x
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0-8.0
  • TRADOS 5.0-7.5
  • Multiterm 5.0-7.1 (Terminology conversion)
  • TRADOS 5.0-7.5 / Multiterm 5.0-7.1 (Terminology manager)

Revolutionary new dictionary architecture
PROMT’s translation engine uses a new multi-dimensional dictionary architecture which provides substantial benefits for users. The new architecture makes it possible to extend the system’s general dictionary with content from traditional electronic dictionaries, eliminating frustrating translation customizations.

The new dictionary architecture opens up the opportunity to work with an unlimited number of translations. PROMT translation engine’s intellectual algorithms provide high levels of functionality for topic tuning by simply choosing the active translation.

PROMT provides individuals and companies with language solutions that satisfy the increasing demands of today’s multilingual businesses. PROMT offerings include:

  • Complete solutions for businesses;
  • Online solutions;
  • Home and personal solutions;
  • Custom solutions for integration with third-party solutions.

PROMT’s technology makes it possible to produce MT systems that meet every challenge of our ever-changing world.

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PROMT is the world leading provider of automated translation software. Our applications and technologies receive awards at major industry conferences and from the leading computer magazines. PROMT offers translation solutions for home and business use, as well as for corporate intranets and online projects.

PROMT provides machine translation for 20+ languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese in two variants, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Japanese, Polish and others, with a total of 80+ language pairs.

The Ukrainian, Latvian and Polish language pairs included in the PROMT solutions are developed by Trident Software.

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