PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 (further – PTS 7.0) Developer Edition is a complex solution that provides effective automated translation of multilingual information flows, documents, and content of various formats in intranet.

PTS 7.0 Developer Edition is a corporate translation server running on the Microsoft®.NET platform that includes the whole functionality of PROMT® Translation Server 7.0 Intranet Edition supplemented by the Software Development Kit (SDK), thus allowing to easily integrate machine translation capabilities into document management systems, corporate databases, and e-mail servers used by an organization.

PTS 7.0 Developer Edition can be delivered with a number of required translation directions that can be selected from those developed by the PROMT Company at the moment of delivery. Now the following translation directions are available:

  • English-German and German-English
  • English-French and French-English
  • English-Spanish and Spanish-English
  • English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English
  • German-French and French-German
  • French-Spanish and Spanish-French
  • English-Russian and Russian-English
  • German-Russian and Russian-German
  • French-Russian and Russian-French
  • Spanish-Russian and Russian-Spanish
  • Italian-Russian
  • Italian-English.

Altogether, there are 22 translation directions – a number that is constantly growing.

To improve the translation quality of texts on various topics, specialized dictionaries or sets of specialized dictionaries developed by the PROMT Company can be included with the PTS delivery package.

Today PROMT offers a wide range of dictionaries and dictionary sets on the following topics: Business, Science, Engineering, Heavy Industry, Light Industry, Home. The full list of specialized dictionaries contains more than 100 items.

The PROMT Company can also deliver customized dictionaries that meet specific customer's requirements. The dictionaries, which are developed by company's professional lexicographers, will fully correspond to the subject area of customer's documentation and sufficiently improve translation quality even in comparison with specialized dictionaries.


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Case study
"PROMT has helped Adobe gain significant translation efficiencies, especially for structured content where translation volumes are high and content changes frequently. "

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As a result, translation is performed in the real-time mode "As a result, translation is performed in the real-time mode. Today, we can confidently say that our company has made the right choice – pertaining to both translation solution and the developer company".
Vitaly Gordunovsky, E-Commerce Project Manager of Bosch in Russia.

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