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Need to translate your site, online store, or employment listings to increase visitor numberss and reach new audiences? Consider making use of PROMT Translation Application Service Provider (ASP), the perfect way to build a foreign-language mirror site in real time!

Achieve better business results by leveraging the PROMT ASP Service for real-time availability of foreign-language content and enable people with different mother tongues to communicate with ease. We don’t just develop translation solutions; we also have years of experience in managing and utilizing PROMT ASP solutions for business success.

There are many advantages to having PROMT implement online translation as an ASP service for your business:

  • Minimal start-up time - be up and running in days
  • Low cost of ownership - no expenses for installation, maintenance and scaling
  • Low up-front investment - no need to purchase additional hardware or software - translations are handled on PROMT servers
  • Operational excellence – a PROMT certified ASP operations staff and technical team are available at all times to support and monitor your PROMT ASP implementation.
  • 20 translation directions - choose translation directions for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and Russian.

Expand your international base today. Ask us about implementing the PROMT ASP Translation for your web site, online store, search engine, online database, or any other web-based presence.

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Read how online translation is changing the face and pace of business. Read our success stories. Make yours one of them.

PROMT ASP Service Success Stories

PROMT Opens the Door to MSDN Library for Russians
PROMT developed a unique English-Russian online-translation service adapted to a specific information resource – the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library. The MSDN Library is an extensive technical information resource created by Microsoft to help developers using Microsoft applications and development tools. At the request of Microsoft's Russian branch, PROMT developed a special service for English-Russian translation of the documentation in the MSDN Library. The innovative nature of the translation method, combined with the unique nature of the solution, made this joint project a great success and has raised the bar for machine translation quality in all markets. More details>>

E-mail Translation at is the most popular free webmail service in Russia, serving more than 500,000 visitors per day. PROMT provides with email translation services based on the ASP model, enabling all users to translate their emails from Russian to English and back on the fly and at no cost. This service has enabled many Russians and non-Russians to establish communications on a personal and business level without the need to acquire fluency in each other’s native language.

SMS Translation at BeeLine

BeeLine is one of the largest mobile operators in Russia and the CIS countries with more than 15 million subscribers. The project provides translation of any sms message sent by a subscriber to a special number. The service is delivered as an ASP model and is available to all Russian subscribers to BeeLine.

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