Powerful intellectual platform able to meet the full range of translation needs on the enterprise level related to work with documents and data in different languages
PROMT Professional 19
from 225 USD

For PROMT 11,12 and PROMT 18 users: upgrade with discount of 50%

To translate, you don't need Internet connection. Your personal data and any translated information will never be disclosed to third parties

Improving personal productivity of employees while working with foreign-language documentation and reducing the load on language department.

Instant translation in user environment preserving all key parameters.

Customization tools for accurate translation are adapted for a specific business need.

Translation for any tasks
An accurate translation of texts of any size, modern general purpose dictionaries and specialized science- and industry-specific dictionaries – all you need to translate in one application
Translation of Documents with Just One Click
The translator application takes into account the type and subject matter of the document, preserves the formatting and consequently optimizes the work with documents in foreign languages and shortens the preparation time of reports, presentations, marketing materials.
Translation everywhere desired
PROMT Agent allows for translating without switching between application screens. Simply select a word or a text fragment in any program (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, any browser, instant messengers) and the resulting translation will appear in a popup window next to the original text

Successful correspondence with customers and partners
PROMT Agent will hasten correspondence with foreign customers and partners while translating words and single sentences, entire letters from a foreign to the native language and vice versa directly in the mail client.

Translation based on industry and corporate specifics
Specialized dictionaries and profiles, various tools for fine linguistic tuning, capability of agile integration of corporate data (dictionaries, glossaries, Translation Memories, lists of proper names), translation in respect of corporate style.
More languages

The solution supports 7 languages for offline translation -  English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese.
Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Kazakh, Dutch, Hindi, Finnish and Hebrew - are avalaible online.

Our Clients trust us — and so can you

«We have recently installed the PROMT solution, but we are already using it actively. As a whole, the first impressions are positive: with PROMT we obtain texts for further editing, and the rest of work is performed much faster than if translation was made manually.», - Aigul Garifullina, translator, General Electric representative office.

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«PROMT Professional translator, with a collection of dictionaries, allows me to cope with many things much quicker and more effectively.” – Professor Cliff Cunningham says. – “Reading scientific articles, corresponding with colleagues, planning of international events – I can do all of these things without wasting time on routine translation issues. Now I have more time to spend on the scientific work proper».

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