PROMT presented new solutions for private and corporate users
PROMT introduces PROMT Neural Translation Server, PROMT Professional NMT and PROMT Master NMT, a New Generation of Neural Machine Translation Solutions for Businesses and Private Users.

PROMT machine translation has shown excellent results at WMT21
PROMT participated in the Workshop on Machine Translation 2021

Offline Neural Machine Translation on Mac Devices
PROMT has released a translator for macOS - PROMT Translator based on neural machine translation technologies.

TAdviser.com – the first media website in Russia, powered by artificial intelligence, switched to neural network technology
TAdviser.com – the first media website in Russia, powered by artificial intelligence, switched to neural network technology. 

German magazine c’t about PROMT Master NMT: “PROMT has advantages over web services”
German computer magazine c’t (Computertechnik) has published two reviews of the desktop translator PROMT Master NMT – an offline solution based on neural network technology. The authors noted the high quality of translation along with guaranteed security of data being translated, that sets the Translator apart from online translation services.

PROMT wins round 1 of Covid-19 MLIA Eval
PROMT participates in Covid-19 MLIA Eval – a European project aimed at summarizing multilingual information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

PROMT has updated the interface of PROMT.One online translator
The free online translation service by PROMT gets a new interface for a better user experience. The translator now has a cleaner and more user-friendly interface: the Source and Translation fields are joined together, and not stretched to full screen.

PROMT presented new solutions for corporate users
PROMT Introduces PROMT Neural Translation Server 21 and PROMT Master NMT 21, a New Generation of Machine Translation Solution for Businesses.

Meet the new online-translator.com
PROMT has updated its free translation service on www.online-translator.com. The service got its new name  – PROMT.One – and is powered by PROMT Neural Machine Translation now. PROMT.One PREMIUM subscription  offers many more opportunities -  a plugin for instant translation in any Windows app or browser and offline translation in PROMT.One mobile app for iOS  and Android.

PROMT Neural Translation Server takes machine translation to a new level
PROMT Company introduced its new flagship product – PROMT Neural Translation Server. Company specialists told the event guests in detail about the latest client-server solution for corporate users based on a unique neural technology.

Neural networks at WMT: machine translation competed with human
The Fourth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT 2019) organized by the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL) was held on August 1-2 in Florence. The event was attended by major international developers, including the PROMT Company.

The PROMT Company participated in the Council of Europe conference on regulation of AI technologies

On February 26 -27, a conference of the Council of Europe, Governing the Game Changer – Impacts of artificial intelligence development on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, was held in Helsinki to regulate issues related to respect for human rights and democracy principles using artificial intelligence solutions. The event was attended by the heads of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Secretary General, as well as ministers of a number of European countries and representatives of leading IT companies, including the PROMT company.

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