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PROMT Translation Wins an International Contest

On July 30-31, 2011 in Edinburgh the annual statistical machine translation seminar (6th Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation) took place.

Within the seminar, traditional competition of machine translation systems took place. This year, about fifty systems competed, from experimental developments to internationally recognized companies. Translations into English and from English for the following languages were tested: French, Spanish, German and Czech. Among the others, PROMT systems participated in the translation experiment.

Participants were supposed to translate test texts using settings within their systems. The received translations were then estimated by people and the ratings were compared.

PROMT systems looked convincing against the top world leaders: the translation from English into German executed by PROMT, won first place in its group. PROMT translations from English into Spanish and from German into English also took leading positions. Other PROMT translations also showed quite good results.

During the competition, PROMT systems translations in different variants, including online service and the newly developed – hybrid system, combining statistical translation technologies and translation based on rules, were estimated.

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