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PROMT Introduced the Content Translation in the USA

In the middle of October, PROMT participated in the usual TAUS conference in Seattle.

TAUS integrates vendors and users of machine translation from all over the world and several times a year holds conferences with participation of key market players. The following large vendors of machine translation participated in the conference: PROMT, Systran, Microsoft, etc.; among the participants presented the following vendors of solutions based on Translation Memory: MemSource and Multicorpora. Client companies from the localization segment and online services, such as Adobe, Dell, Cisco, PTS, EMC, TripAdviser, and others also took part in the event. They have been successfully using machine translation technologies for localization and other tasks for a long time.

In the report, PROMT presented language translation technologies that the company uses now to create its solutions. Application of statistical and hybrid approaches in machine translation allows the company to create solutions practically for all languages and for any content type. In particular, to process the user content that is objectively difficult to translate due to the abundance of typographical errors, grammatical and stylistic errors and conversational phrases. The user content, including blog posts, messages in forums, etc., is already an essential part of information published in the Internet, and it continues to grow dynamically. Besides, it becomes rather important for electronic commerce (online stores, services for travelers, etc.) PROMT also reported on experiments of translation of this content type from English into Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and German. PROMT also provided information on the translation system customization and translation quality evaluation.

The presentation to the report is available on the PROMT website.

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