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One Million Downloads of Translate.Ru for Android

At the beginning of December Translate.Ru / Online-Translator.Com for Android has been downloaded 1,000,000 times!

Mobile Translate.Ru / Online-Translator.Com translators are released in four versions: for iOS and Android, paid and free. Free applications for both platforms are at the top by the download number, and applications for Android are downloaded approximately twice more, than for iPhone and iPad.

Today, the total number of downloads is about 1,500,000. With this rating, the Translate.Ru applications enter into the ten of the most popular apps in its category both at AppStore and Google Play.

The popularity secret of applications is in the high quality of translation, original features and convenience in use. PROMT regularly updates mobile translators; from the last add-ons the offline phrase book for travelers and the offline translation feature got the greatest response.

By the way, the regular application update for iOS presented a share translation function: you can now send the translated text to Facebook and Twitter instantly.

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