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BCL Technologies to enhance PROMT translation

St. Petersburg, April 24, 2013. PROMT, a leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for corporate clients and private users, announces its collaboration with BCL Technologies, a leading manufacturer of software for handling PDF documents.

With the integration of the BCL software into the PROMT translator, users of PROMT corporate solutions can translate PDF documents, obtaining higher quality translation, while maintaining the original formatting.

PDF is one of the most widespread formats used in the workplace today. According to PROMT's analytics, more than 70% of PROMT users translate PDF documents. It is not surprising since many business documents, such as commercial offers, marketing and public relations materials, scientific articles on professional subjects, and even presentations, are often available only in the PDF format.

PDF is a format used mainly not for editing, but for the high-quality display and printing of documents. In machine representation, a text that appears complete can be split into lines to wrap graphics and tables, arranged in different areas of the document, or split into parts by sentences and paragraphs, etc. Therefore, the extraction of whole text fragments, which is necessary for high quality translation, presents an extremely challenging problem. The task, however, is not limited to just text extraction. In addition to text extraction and translation, it is vital to maintain the initial text structure and formatting of the translated document.

If the formatting in the translated document differs from that of the original document, it is problematic; an employee has to spend more time to reestablish the original formatting, which costs time and money.

To rectify this, PROMT sought for a supplier of solutions for the high-quality conversion of PDF files. After carrying out a number of tests, PROMT selected BCL Technologies, which is well known in the industry as a long time supplier of specialized work in the area of graphic documents.

The legwork on the integration of the BCL Technologies solution with the PROMT translation technology used for formatted documents allowed for a significant improvement of the translation of PDF documents. Therefore, users of PROMT corporate solutions can not only translate documents, but can also use the translation results more effectively and efficiently.

"PDF is one of the most widespread document formats used in business environments today", explains Alexey Lyapunov, the Head of the International Sales Department of PROMT. "As we always aim to improve the quality of our products and increase the level of loyalty of our users, we decided to pay special attention to the improvement of the translation quality of PDF documents. We are very happy to collaborate with BCL Technologies, as now we can offer even quicker and even higher quality translation of business documentation to our customers."


PROMT, with its development center located in Russia, is a leading developer of machine translation solutions for enterprise level clients and individual users.

PROMT has:

  • More than 20 years of the successful development, advancement, and implementation of text translation solutions
  • 15 supported languages, with many more in constant development
  • More than 10,000 large corporate customers in the fields of IT, production industries, finance, trade, science, education, translation services, and public sectors, among several others, all over the world. Companies such as Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom, Lukoil, PayPal, TripAdvisor, Mail.Ru, and many others are among PROMT's customers
  • Online-Translator.com, an online translation service

About BCL Technologies

BCL Technologies is an American company that specializes in technologies for automatic processing of graphic documents including the creation of graphic documents, conversion to other formats, and data extraction. Many developers integrate the BCL technologies solutions into their products.

For more information about BCL Technologies, visit their website at http://www.bcltechnologies.com/.

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