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PROMT Introduces Advanced Technology

PROMT experts regularly discuss the working principles of automatic translation technologies over the Internet. Recently, there was a buzz about the present and the future of translation in St. Petersburg at the conference "AINL: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language" and in the Moscow region at the International conference on computational linguistics "Dialogue 2013".

During the "Dialogue" conference, PROMT linguists Alexander Molchanov and Leonid Evdokimov discussed a subject that is of special interest to the Internet – the translation of user content (User-Generated Content or UGC), using the example of the feedback from tourists using TripAdvisor. The Machine Translation of such content is a complex challenge as UGC typically contains a large number of colloquialisms, emotionally-based phrases, typographical errors, and the like. Nevertheless, this challenge was tackled by means of PROMT DeepHybrid technology that successfully combines rule-based translation and statistical translation.

Link to the presentation

This technology, as well as statistical translation in its pure form, is in its growth stage and is thus experiencing understandable teething problems. Looking back at the gained experience, there are several typical problems and solution avenues for developers. Alexander Molchanov presented a report on this very subject at the AINL conference.

Link to the presentation (in Russian)

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