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PROMT Helps the Biologists of Duke University

PROMT automatic translation tools are hard at work for Duke University, one of the most famous higher educational institutions in the USA.

The Cliff Cunningham Laboratory of Duke University's Biology department is engaged in the molecular systematics and biogeography of marine organisms. Obviously, to study organisms that live or have lived all over the world, you need to work with sources in many languages. Today, more so than ever, you can hardly think of scientific work without communication with scientists from other countries, international training, and conferences. The translation solution PROMT Professional 9.5 can be customized to reflect the exact terminology a user typically encounters, thereby automatically accelerating the work process. Moreover, by using the desktop solution, business and scientific information is kept secure and not exposed to the Internet.

"PROMT Professional 9.5 translator, with a collection of dictionaries, allows me to cope with many things much quicker and more effectively." – Professor Cliff Cunningham says . "Reading scientific articles, corresponding with colleagues, planning of international events –I can do all of these things without wasting time on routine translation issues. Now I have more time to spend on the scientific work proper."

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