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PROMT Solutions are now available in the Microsoft App Store

PROMT released special solutions for MS Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013, which will be distributed through a Microsoft app store. These are the PROMT Translator and Dictionary products for machine translation supporting deep integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint. They are targeting both private users and corporate clients who need a fast and high-quality translation of words and sentences in their working environment. The products are available in Office Store, Microsoft’s store of Office applications.
The Office Store enables users worldwide to upgrade Microsoft products, downloading best-in-class third-party applications. The access to applications is provided from the inside of Microsoft products as well as on the Office.com portal. The platform is convenient for both users who have an opportunity to quickly find, download and install necessary products and Microsoft, which can now monitor the applications being installed and quickly update them.

“We’re really inspired by the apps being built for Office and the opportunity couldn’t be bigger,” said Chris Johnson, Group Product Manager for the Office Developer Platform at Microsoft Corp. “There are 1 billion Office users worldwide and 2 out of 3 enterprise workers have SharePoint – there are only three platforms you can build for and reach 1 billion people: Office, Windows and Facebook.”

New PROMT solutions support a number of popular languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian) and help users save a lot of time while searching for necessary terms and translating text fragments. Strong integration with MS Office applications and SharePoint platform, popular in the business environment, makes the new PROMT product a one-stop solution providing quick dictionary look-up, high quality document translation and usability by optimizing the interface and adapting it to the Microsoft products.

Unlike the standard translation tools, embedded in some MS Office applications, PROMT solutions provide a much higher translation quality, up-to-date dictionaries and also the possibility to use pre-installed translation profiles: business, private and business correspondence, tourism, IT, medicine, equipment, law, etc.

PROMT keeps up with the times, and we try to satisfy the requirements of all our users, providing solutions for all popular platforms,” said Nikita Shablykov, Head of PROMT Sales Department. “The Office Store is a new promising resource of Microsoft, operating in many countries, which only recently opened in Russia and the CIS. In the Store our company is going to offer two products: one for home users with MS Office integration possibility and the other one for corporate users with SharePoint integration.”

The new PROMT products require an Internet connection. They are offered free of charge and available for downloading on the website of the Russian store of Microsoft Office applications.

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