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PROMT licenses machine translation engine to e-lingo

San Mateo, USA - St. Petersburg, Russia - e-lingo, the leading provider of Internet-based translation solutions today announced agreements with Fujitsu Ltd., Transtar, and PROMT, leading developers of machine translation. Under the terms of the separate agreements, e-lingo has incorporated each of the three machine translation engines into e-lingo's Internet translation suite of services.

The company already uses best-of-breed technology to provide real-time Internet translation between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. With the new engines, e-lingo provides its customers with the ability to translate web pages, text, search, and e-mail between: English and Japanese, Chinese, or Russian; Japanese and Chinese; and, Russian and three major European languages (French, German, and Italian). e-lingo's translation services are available for demonstration online at http://www.e-lingo.com.

Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and US e-businesses are now able to extend their reach across the Pacific and Eurasia because of these agreements. This is expected to have a major impact on Internet commerce worldwide. A combined 45 million Japanese, Chinese, and Russian consumers have access to the Internet but the overwhelming majority of Web content is in English. e-lingo's real time Internet translation eliminates that barrier and increases trans-Pacific, and trans-Eurasian Internet traffic substantially.

"e-lingo customers demand a best-of-breed approach, and each language set has its own champion provider," said company CEO Michael Ballard. "Integrating the best translation engines from these providers is consistent with our approach."

Fujitsu's and Transtar's Japanese and Chinese / English dictionaries are the most comprehensive in the world. PROMT's award-winning intra-European machine translation solutions can already be found on major Russian and European portals. e-lingo evaluated over a dozen different machine translation software packages. "Fujitsu, Transtar, and PROMT scored the highest in four key areas," said e-lingo's senior linguist Giovanni Cerrone. "They have the largest dictionary coverage, the most accurate syntax, the fastest translation speeds, and the biggest commitments to research and development."

Fujitsu's ATLAS translation engine has been used in a broad range of industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and finance, since Fujitsu started providing the software in 1984. Fujitsu has been concentrating significant efforts on product development and sales related to the Internet over the past few years. Masaharu Kitaoka, General Manager of Fujitsu Limited's Software Division says, "There is a large demand for prompt information collection and release beyond national borders. We are proud to provide the ATLAS translation engine to e-lingo, the leading company in the Internet translation service industry."

PROMT's online translation solutions successfully work both at the largest world information, search and e-mail portals. Svetlana Sokolova, President of PROMT says, "Now the opportunity to provide multilingual information is indispensable for all Internet content providers which are anxious about increasing their site audience. We are pleased that our translation engine will work at e-lingo company, the leading provider of Internet translation infrastructure."

e-lingo is the leader in online MT infrastructure, developing and hosting real-time Internet translation solutions. e-lingo's clients include portals such as Lycos (http://translate.lycos.com), Yupi (http://www.yupi.com/Traductor), Terra  (http://www.terra.com/translator), CommTouch (http://www.commtouch.com) Excite Japan, Zipnet, and many others. The company's services eliminate the language barrier on the Internet.

An important feature of e-lingo's service is simplicity of integration and use. Since the company does the hosting, the clients do not have to worry about purchasing, supporting or upgrading translation technology and software. e-lingo's best-of-breed strategy assures that clients always have access to the best available MT for any given language pair. In times of fast worldwide Internet expansion, e-lingo's outsourced real-time translation services are vital, and provide low-cost globalization.

About e-lingo

e-lingo is the leading Internet translation infrastructure company and provider of online translation solutions to major e-businesses around the world. e-lingo develops and hosts a platform of best-of-breed, private-label, real-time language translation solutions including translated search, text, email and Web browsing, allowing e-businesses to focus on their own core competencies. Through its partnerships with Inktomi Corp. and leading machine translation providers, e-lingo provides portals, ISPs, email providers, e-commerce and content sites the highest quality internet translation services available, enabling a dramatic increase in available content and access to vast new online audiences. Information on the company and its services is available online at http://www.e-lingo.com.


PROMT (www.e-promt.com), founded in 1991, is the leading provider of advanced machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages processing. PROMT is the innovation and technological leader in MT industry. Now we provide the full range of translation solutions and services for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.
PROMT ensures support and maintenance of the implemented systems worldwide and project management. Recently we added human translation service and now are ready to offer technical documentation preconditioning, translation and publishing facilities.

Alexander Andreev

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