PROMT has released a translator for macOS - PROMT Translator based on neural machine translation technologies.

The main feature of the new product is offline translation which guarantees confidentiality and security while working with any information. The translated data is not collected or transferred to external services.

The translator has two modes: Classic (two-window mode) and "Agent mode" (translation of the selected text in a pop-up window). PROMT Translator translates texts of unlimited size and supports translation of Microsoft Office documents (doc(x), ppt(x)) with maintaining the original style and formatting.

In the Agent mode you can translate selected text directly in the Microsoft Office applications, as well as in Apple iBooks, Apple TextEdit, Apple Pages, Safari and Chrome browsers and other applications with OS X Services support. The program includes reference resources: standard and specialized dictionaries, as well as a large database of examples of words usage in different contexts.
The translator will be useful not only while translating or editing, but also in learning foreign languages.

You can purchase one of the four options of PROMT Translator for macOS: EnglishRussian, EnglishFrench, EnglishSpanish and EnglishGerman.

“We are happy to offer our new product to fans of macOS devices. Windows and Linux users have already appreciated the quality of neural translation using PROMT Translator technology. We hope that macOS users will appreciate the quality of the translation and the user-friendly interface of the new product, ” said Nikita Shablykov, CCO of the company.

You can purchase the program on the App Store. Perpetual license $47.99 (29.99 through December 19 inclusive). Annual license $21.99 (9.99 through December 19 inclusive).

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