PROMT has announced the release of its news MT solutions based on the latest innovations in AI and deep learning - PROMT Neural Translation Server, PROMT Expert NMT, PROMT Professional NMT and PROMT Master NMT. Now all PROMT translators, both for corporate and private users, work on neural networks.

PROMT held a presentation of the 22st generation solutions where company’s experts and clients spoke about the cutting-edge MT technology, data protection requirements for MT solutions and their successful implementation in business workflow.

Nikita Shablykov, PROMT CCO, speaking at the presentation, emphasized that all PROMT solutions are reliable, as they ensure complete confidentiality of translated data. "PROMT solutions work offline, do not access third-party services and guarantee the confidentiality of any translated data. PROMT machine translation is a reliable partner in working with any information in foreign languages," he said.

PROMT NMT solutions help significantly improve productivity when translating documents. "Depending on the infrastructure, PROMT server solutions can provide translation at a speed of 100 words per second and higher - no professional translator can work at such a speed," Nikita Shablykov explained. According to him, the 22nd generation PROMT products include a new technology for translating documents - FormatFilters. This technology allows to save better the original formatting, and, therefore, reduce the cost of post-editing of MT-translated documents.

Another important advantage of the updated PROMT software products is the ability to customize neural machine translation with a special Training Add-on module on the customer side. This module allows to train translation models and guarantees confidentiality when working with corporate data.

As part of the presentation, not only PROMT experts, but also its customers spoke about the advantages of PROMT software. Sergey Kozhevnikov, consultant of the Information and Library Support Department of the Central Bank of Russia, noted that PROMT machine translation helped significantly increase the efficiency in internal and external communications. "Immediately after implementation of PROMT Neural Translation Server in our Department, we see an unprecedented increase in requests for translations into English. We are sure that without machine translation it would be just impossible to perform such a volume in a given time frame," he said during the speech.

Igor Tikhanovich, chief specialist of the Technical Archive and Planning Department at Gazprom Invest LLC, in turn, emphasized that with PROMT machine translation, the company has seen a significant increase in productivity. "We noticed that with the automation tool, the speed of preparing documents and analytical reports has increased several times. Employees, by the way, say that processing information has become much easier," he said.

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