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PROMT (hereinafter referred to as PROMT, Company, we), by all means appreciates your confidentiality and provides for its protection.
Hereby we would like you to know how and why we collect and use your personal data.

What personal data do we collect about you?

Any information we use of one piece only and not single out individual users. Using applications for Android and iOS we collect the following data:
  • IP addresses,
  • date and time of application usage,
  • version and type of your device operating system,
  • manufacturer and model of your device,
  • version of our application,
  • mobile advertising identifiers such as Apple IDFA and Android advertising identifier,
  • statistics of usage of different functions of application. For example, we record data on time you use and last time used our application, what actions you carried out in applications.

Additionally for PROMT.One ( application we collect and store texts and words which you have translated in, as well as results of translation.
We took organizational and technical measures to de-identify this data (translated texts, words and translation results) that we save. For example, in a random way we select a text for machine learning of translation system and delete any numbers and other personal data found out in the sample. In order to perform the push notification function in applications for Android, iOS, as well as macOS we collect the following data:

  • information on items bought in application if this functionality has been handled therein, information on your interaction via our application with other applications and web sites,
  • information on your device (for example, smart phone, tablet), type and version of operating system, network information, installed browser, network state type (for example, Wi-Fi), language preferences, time zone,
  • mobile advertising identifiers such as Apple IDFA and Android advertising identifier (only applications for Android and iOS),
  • fine location,
  • network information.

This information is needed for implementation of push notification sending function by service OneSignal (2194 Esperança Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054) and transferred to this company. More detailed information on OneSignal Privacy Policy can be obtained at
You may:

  • elect not to receive push notifications browsing to your device setup section and disable receipt for one or several applications.
  • elect not to use mobile advertising identifiers to view interest-based ads (on Apple in the section “confidentiality” you have to apply ads limit, on Android in Google settings you have to select ads and then a function of cancellation of interest-based ads).

How can we obtain your personal data?

Any personal data about you which we process are provided by you while using PROMT applications.
How do we use your personal data?
Your data is collected exclusively for the following purposes:

  • further improvement of applications (enhancement of functionality and user-friendliness, detection and error correction in applications) by acquisition of anonymized statistics on use of different functions of our applications,
  • provision of ads, including personalized ones (relevant only to application PROMT.One (,
  • improvement of automatic translation quality and correction of translation errors through computerized analysis of texts and words which you have translated via PROMT.One (,
  • provision of push notifications service,
  • acquisition of statistical information to promote our applications. For example, using mobile identifiers we can find out a source of installation of our application for iOS and Android.

We never link obtained data with you and use them only in anonymized form for the above mentioned purposes.

How long will we store your data?

We store your data for a period within which you use our applications. A maximum data storage period is equal to the period of technical support of our product (5 years from the time of release of the first version of the relevant application).

Who do we share your data with?

Your personal data will be accessible to our employees as well as our authorized suppliers that is:

  • Google (we use the service Google Analytics for collection of statistics and also for ad view in application PROMT.One (,
  • YANDEX LLC (we use the service Yandex. Metrics for collection of statistics and also for ad view in application PROMT.One (,
  • OneSignal(used for push notification uploading)
  • Microsoft (for online translation from certain languages in our application PROMT.One ( we use the service Microsoft Translator).

Additionally for application PROMT.One ( for translation from certain languages in PROMT.One ( we use the web service Microsoft Translator of Microsoft (One Microsoft Way, Redmond WA, USA 98052). In this case, the whole text translated by you is sent to Microsoft.
In such a case your data is neither stored by Microsoft, nor used for learning or any other purposes. More detailed information on Microsoft Translator Privacy Policy can be obtained at Translation using Microsoft Translator service is always marked in our application by the corresponding message.

In order to display ads in our applications in the correct size and format supported by your device, and be able to redirect you to the appropriate landing page when you click on a banner, your IP address and your device type information will also be processed by the appropriate third-party supplier.

Transmission of your data beyond this country

Your personal data can be transferred to the following countries:

  • Russia, as applications are developed in Russia,
  • The USA, as we use services of data suppliers located within the US territory (, OneSignal, Microsoft).

Protection of your personal data

We may transfer your personal data to our suppliers in accordance with the written agreements which lay our suppliers under obligation to provide the proper guarantees in respect to processing of your personal data including maintenance of confidentiality and accomplishment of all security measures.
We also take legal, organizational and technical measures to protect your data in compliance with applicable confidentiality and data security laws.

Your rights

You have a right to:

  • request information on processing of your personal data including provision of a copy of your data,
  • request correction and/or deletion of your data or raise an objection against processing of your personal data,
  • request restriction of processing of your personal data, withdraw your consent on which basis processing was carried out,
  • request provision of your personal data in structured, normally used and machine-readable format as well as request transfer to the other designated person,
  • lodge complaint with your local agency for protection of personal data, or take legal action if your rights to data protection are broken. You can claim compensation for losses incurred in connection of illegal processing of your personal data.

If you wish to use any of your rights, please inform us using the contact points below.
Contact us
If you have any questions or requests concerning processing of your personal data, or you want to receive any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Specific features of data processing when using the application PROMT.One ( on a paid subscription basis, and also together with the Service
If you use the mobile application PROMT.One (, you may synchronize your favorite translations between the application and the Service In this case we save your favorite translations over the whole period of your usage of the application. At any moment you may remove saved translations.

To be able to synchronize favorite translations, please sign up putting your name (nickname) and e-mail address. This information will be used for synchronization of your favorite translations between the application and the Service If you use the mobile application PROMT.One ( on a paid subscription basis, we will additionally use the data of your registration to verify validity of your paid license.

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