The bot Translate.Ru operates on the basis of the latest company’s technologies for machine translation and is intended to make communication with foreigners or reading original articles as simple as possible.

Messengers Skype and Telegram have a vast reach all over the world. At the moment, the Skype users are more than 500 million people while those of Telegram are over 180 million. Such popularity can be attributed to accessibility of messengers due to a global reach of mobile connectivity and communication convenience.

When you need to keep in touch with foreign people you cannot get along without command of other languages. In this context to users will come useful a helper which gives a clue as to right translation and allows for dismantling the language barrier. Such helper is a new bot translator Translate.Ru offered by PROMT.

The bot for Telegram and Skype translates texts in good and workmanlike manner and provides a full language entry with candidate translations and transcription of individual words. All you have to do is to enter a word or a phrase into the message field, press the load button and right then and there receive a text in the language that you need. To get translation the bot accesses the service Translate.Ru (or Online-Translator.com), while a text processing rate depends on the Internet equipment speed on your device.

To modify a language pair, all the user has to do is to go to the software menu and specify the required languages. With the bot, one may translate from and into 15 languages.

Aside from automatic translation, the bot offers another unique function – search of words and collocations in different contexts as exemplified by numerous cases made by professional translators. This function alongside with dictionary will be particularly useful for language learners.

It is possible to control the bot functions via menu: Translator and dictionary for automatic translation, Search by examples for translation cases, Source language and Target language for selection of required language pair.

We think that bots are some of the best tools to get informed. The bot Translate.Ru is a helper which allows for getting translation of a word or a small sentence in less than no time. Such translation on the fly will also be useful for correspondence and more especially for learning of languages, - says Nikita Shablykov, PROMT chief sales officer.

The bot Translate.Ru of the PROMT company will help language learners. By means of the bot the Telegram and Skype users can  come to know a great variety of locutions and idiomatic expressions as well as use cases and last but not least build-up vocabulary.
To get acquainted with the bot click these links:

- Telegram: https://t.me/TranslateRuBot
- Skype: https://join.skype.com/bot/e0255810-48d1-42da-b657-8388c4eca5ae

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