From February 26 to March 1, in Barcelona the international conference Mobile World Congress 2018 was held. This event which assembled 107 thousand people – the specialists of the leading IT companies from around the world once again became a perfect venue of communication between the representatives of the branch. In the course of the conference the developers of mobile apps, marketing experts and company executives had the opportunity to exchange opinions on the most topical questions in the area of mobile technologies as well as to find new business contacts.

PROMT was represented at MWC by Nikita Shablykov, the chief sales officer. He rubbed shoulders with the congress participants – equipment vendors and mobile apps developers, many of whom were poised to cooperation.   “PROMT technologies will allow the companies to make their solutions more convenient for users, increase the brand loyalty as well as efface the language boundaries regardless of Internet availability”, - he noted.

The main PROMT technology for mobile devices is a module for integration of translation functions with other applications, embedding of functionalities immediately in the mobile OS. The module has a simple API and a detailed SDK that has already allowed several major developers to start using it for their tasks.
“A distinctive feature of our technology is the ability to translate offline on the mobile device from one language to another with no loss in quality. Most of existing counterparts translate online fairly well, however in offline translation they use crippled versions, with an inferior amount of data, and we are able to produce special customer-oriented translation modules”, - said Nikita Shablykov.

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