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ID : 41049
Modify date: 09/13/2012 04:09:14 pm

[KB25004] Customizing the PTS Plug-ins on workstations using the Active Directory group policy

In enterprise-scale networks, it is convenient to install and configure PTS plug-ins on workstations automatically.

The procedure for mass installation of PTS plug-ins using the Active Directory group policy is provided in section [KB25003] Installing the PTS Plug-ins to workstations using the Active Directory group policy.

This section describes the procedure for automation of the process of configuring PTS plug-ins to use the required PTS server connection string after plug-ins installation. Thus the users will be able to use plug-ins right away, without needing to enter the connection string manually and to restart the application.


To configure PTS plug-ins using the Active Directory group policy, proceed as follows:

  1. Save the archive containing the JScript file using the following link on our web site - plugincfg.zip.
  2. Extract the archive contents to a shared directory.
  3. Open the Group Policy Management console (Run->gpmc.msc).
  4. Create a new object of the group policy and open it for editing.
  5. In the group policy object editor, select User Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Logon/Logoff), then open the Logon Properties window.
  6. In the Script Name box of the Add a Script window, enter the UNC path to the plugincfg.js file (the path looks like that: \\server_name\share_name\plugincfg.js).
  7. In the Script Parameters box of the Add a Script window, set the necessary installation parameters (the parameters are entered without slashes, using spaces):
    • PTS server name or PTS server IP address (for example, "server" or
    • PTS application server virtual directory name (for example, "twsas")
  8. Assign the created group policy object to the appropriate enterprise department.
After the specified actions are performed, the PTS plug-ins connection parameters will be configured automatically when the user logs in using his/her account.

Information in this article concerns the following products:
PTS 9.0, PTS 9.5
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