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PROMT supporting the Rosetta Foundation

Cancun, Mexico, September 15. PROMT, a world-leading developer of automated translations solutions, announced at the recent GALA conference a gift of 100 PROMT Professional licenses and 5 PROMT Expert licenses to volunteer translators who will be providing free translation and localization services through Rosetta Foundation, a not-for-profit organization supporting equal access to information across languages.

Quoting Reinhard Shlaeger, the Board Director of the Rosetta Foundation, “equal access to information in one’s own language is a basic right: whether one has access to information can make the difference between life and death. As language and localisation professionals it is our civil duty to look beyond short term return on investment as the driving force for localisation and translation”.

However, providing translation services can often be limited by access to expensive translation aid tools. PROMT is planning to continue supporting the Rosetta Foundation initiative by providing volunteer translators with access to our technology.

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