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PROMT translating MultiLingual news section

San Francisco, CA. MultiLingual, a leading globalization industry journal, has partnered with PROMT to provide real-time automated translation of the MultiLingual online news section. PROMT Translation Server (PTS) is providing automated translations for 28 translation directions. PROMT in-house linguists analyzed the existing site content and performed initial engine customization. PROMT and Multilingual have joint plans to continue engine customization to further enhance the engine performance and make the translations even more relevant to globalization industry content.

“We are very excited to be a part of this project” – said Olga Beregovaya, CEO of PROMT Americas. “Everyone in the industry reads MultiLingual and we are happy to have a chance to help the diverse globalization community access industry news in their native language. Also, this is a great opportunity for us to showcase our technology in action while using content from our industry.”

“PROMT gave us the opportunity to showcase automated translation, and also a way to provide our most dynamic content in other languages. It is a pleasure to work with PROMT on this project – their customer service is superb,” said Donna Parrish, CEO of MultiLingual Computing, Inc.

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