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PROMT and Alchemy Software Development release innovative translation solution

San Francisco, May 20, 2010: – Alchemy Software Development, the world leader in visual localization solutions and PROMT, a world leader in Automated Translation Solutions, today announced the availability of their jointly developed Machine Translation connector for Alchemy PUBLISHER 3.0. By combining the power of MT (Machine Translation) with TM (Translation Memory), professional translators can accelerate project turn-around times and reduce overall costs for their clients.

Alchemy PUBLISHER 3.0 is an advanced Translation Memory solution for documentation and is used by large corporations in international markets. Alchemy PUBLISHER is used by professional translators to maximize the re-use of previous translations and maintain exacting standards of quality and consistency for their clients. Machine translation functionality is a logical extension of the product offering. Users are able to generate high-quality machine translation at any stage of their translation workflow and if necessary, post-edit this output.

“We are excited to see an integration of PROMT's automated translation solution with Alchemy Publisher 3.0”, said Olga Beregovaya, CEO of PROMT Americas, - “This is a quantum leap in innovation for the translation industry, as it combines the eloquence of Translation Memory with the power and flexibility of high quality Machine Translation, making sure that a translator can always use a machine-generated translation-suggestion while working with client files. These translation-suggestions can then be post-edited easily within the Alchemy PUBLISHER project environment reducing translation costs and improving consistency and quality.”

“Many of our clients are increasingly using Machine Translation to help accelerate the delivery of translated content to international markets”, said Tony O’Dowd, President, Alchemy Software Development, “by integrating PROMT’s automated translation services into Alchemy PUBLISHER 3.0, we’re offering our clients a highly integrated solution that combines the best of TM and MT in a single translation solution.”

The integration of Alchemy PUBLISHER and PROMTs automated translation solution underscores the idea that automated translation is the next paradigm disrupter for the localization industry. While users can enjoy the benefits of the PROMT automated translation engine and appreciate the quality of our out-of-the-box translation output, there is also a possibility of linking to a customized instance of PROMT translation server from the Alchemy PUBLISHER 3.0 translation environment, which would lead to even more relevant machine translation output and yield significant cost and time savings.

For more information on Alchemy Software Development, please go to www.alchemysoftware.com or contact info@AlchemySoftware.ie. For more information on PROMT, please go to http://www.promt.com.

About Alchemy Software Development
Alchemy Software Development is the developer of Alchemy CATALYST, Alchemy PUBLISHER and Alchemy Language Exchange. Alchemy CATALYST is the world's most popular visual localization technology. Eighty percent of the world’s largest software companies use it to accelerate entry into international markets, improving revenue growth opportunities, and reducing their costs. With over 20,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST is the dominant choice among professional development companies, localization service providers, and global technology leaders such as Siemens, Corel, Philips, Canon, and Oracle. Alchemy Software Development has offices in Ireland, Germany, and the United States. For more information, please visit www.alchemysoftware.com. Alchemy Software Development is a division of Translations.com, the worlds largest privately owned localization service provider and market leader in legal, medical and web-based translations services.

PROMT is a recognized leader in automated translation software and solutions development. The company develops automated translation software widely acknowledged by leading computer magazines worldwide. PROMT offers enterprise-scale automated translation solutions, as well as desktop applications for home and business use. PROMT translation solutions are used by Cisco Systems Inc, AOL, Siemens AG, NASA, DaimlerChrysler, DHL, Metro Group, SAP, Adobe, PayPal and many other well-established companies and government institutions in Europe, North America and South America.

PROMT provides automated translation for all major European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, with a total of 27 translation directions for over 100 specialized knowledge domains. PROMT's translation modules handle the following specialized locales: Spanish (Spanish, Latin American and Mexican), Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and French (European and Canadian). PROMT offers Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation direction through integration with CCID engine and will soon be offering Arabic, Japanese and Korean languages.

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