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Translate.Ru Community – the Fifth by Number in Russian Facebook

In March, 2011, the Grape advertizing agency published the fourth release of Russian-speaking brand communities' ratings in social networks.

PROMT online service Translate.Ru ranked the fifth by popularity in the Facebook network, having overtaking with only Nokia, ESET, Cheaptrip budget tourist agency and Moscow "Spartak" communities outranking it.

This is not the first time that the Translate.Ru on Facebook community has been included amongst the top five of Grape rating leaders. The number of the service admirers has already reached almost 23,000 and shows rapid growth from the moment of its registration in February of last year. Among the strengths of the Translate.Ru on Facebook community, the Grape agency highlights the publication of the service news, the posts of the Translate.Ru blog, and the possibility for users to communicate and leave their comments on the service.

The service news is also broadcasted on Twitter, LJ and VKontakte, and these communities are also quickly gaining popularity. For example, the page in VKontakte was opened just a month ago and already totals more than 4,000 participants. So, it is possible that in the next Grape rating, we will be ranked with the leaders in other social services too.

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