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PROMT Technologies Help Adobe to Enter the New Markets Quicker

St. Petersburg, Russia: April 21, 2011. PROMT, the world leader in the field of translation automation, reports about the implementation of its machine translation technology into the Adobe localization process.

Adobe Systems is one of the world's largest graphical and web-design software manufacturers. The company's 2010 income was approximately 4 billion dollars, and more than a half of this sum was the sales income from sources outside of the USA. Today Adobe localizes more than a hundred products to 34 languages – it is no wonder that the rate of preparation of the software products and its documentation for the foreign markets represents crucial value for the company: the use of machine translation results in considerable decreased expenses and time savings, as well as speeding up the products entry on the new markets. Thus, PROMT technology implementation already allowed Adobe to make fast localization of the products in Russia, Brazil and China. In essence, the texts of user interface, online help, frequently asked questions, user's guides, error messages and feedback service, marketing materials, and many other related documentation were completely translated.

The translation process was broken into a few stages. First, the main scope of the text subject to translation has been studied. Repetitions of text fragments have been revealed and the terms within requiring special translation have been identified.

The Internet forms constituting a considerable part of the translated content became a separate problem. The text included in an Internet marking was required to be separated prior to the beginning of translation and to be left unchanged. This task demanded the connection of a special PROMT application. As a result, it was possible to maintain the translated text in the initial marking and to save the same formatting that was in the initial files. It usually takes translators a lot of time to format texts; automation of this task simplified the process.

It's already apparent to and appreciated by Adobe the effect of the use of the PROMT solution: the rate of documentation preparation increased by 20–30%.

"PROMT technology allowed us achieving high efficiency in content translation. Especially it concerns the user documentation which, having great volumes, is being changed often. For us it is an unconditional proof of how useful machine translation can be at the enterprise".

Christine Durant,

Translation Technologies Senior Manager at Adobe Systems

"Efficiency of machine translation considerably increases if the system is set up for the type and topic template of the customer texts. Implementation of the PROMT solution in Adobe fully confirms this. For Adobe we set up PROMT system so that it now allows solving one of the main problems for the American corporations: to reduce time between release of English version of a product and occurrence of versions localized for the key markets".

Svetlana Sokolova,

The Director General of PROMT

For more details on the technological procedure, please see: PROMT-Adobe Case Study.


PROMT is the world leader in machine translation solutions for Enterprise level clients and individual users with the development center located in Russia.

PROMT has:
  • 20 years of successful development, advancement and implementation of text translation solutions
  • 26 translation directions
  •  More than 10,000 major client companies in the education, finance, IT, science, and trade industries and translation activities spheres worldwide
  • 4 worldwide offices: St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia; Hamburg, Germany; and San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Translate.Ru, our online translation service, Online-Translator.com
  • Expert and mass-media awards for product quality, reliability, functionality and convenience of solutions

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