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PROMT 9.5 Adds Languages

St. Petersburg, June 2, 2011. PROMT, the world leader in the field of translation automation, reports about creation of a new version of PROMT 9.5 solutions for enterprises.

The main change in the new line is the appearance of new language pairs (in addition to the core European languages). For example, it is Chinese language, which can be delivered now within PROMT Translation Server 9.5 Intranet Edition solutions (PTS 9.5 IE) and PROMT Translation Server 9.5 Developer Edition (PTS 9.5 DE). It is available in two variants – Simplified, accepted in the Peoples Republic of China, and Traditional, used in other countries.

In addition, in PTS 9.5 IE and DE products, the following additional languages are available:
• Ukrainian,
• Latvian,
• Polish.

Within the new line the following translation systems for enterprises were updated:
PTS 9.5 IE
PTS 9.5 DE
PROMT Language Service Provider (LSP) 9.5
PROMT NET Professional 9.5
PROMT dictionary collections 9.5

Some general changes that have been made are the updating of dictionary bases, an increase in the features of the system setup, embedding of translation into two more browsers – Opera and Google Chrome (embedding in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox was supported in the previous versions).

PTS 9.5 IE becomes the main product of the new line. With this solution all employees of a company can easily work with texts in foreign languages.

PTS 9.5 IE received the maximum changes. Besides those listed above, it has a more convenient web interface with text highlighting, tips for translation and the added feature of translation "on the fly" – during the process of text typing, by pressing the "Enter" key. For translation settings management, the workplace of the "linguistic administrator" has been added to each product. This provides a toolkit for precise translation tuning for the company texts with the dictionaries, glossaries and Translation Memory bases. The settings created in this way become automatically available to all users of the company.

For more exact setup, ready Collections of PROMT dictionaries are also used. In version 9.5 of the Collections, there are new dictionaries on business, commerce, insurance, law, logistics, mounting, physics, technical maintenance; other thematic dictionaries have been supplemented and optimized as well.

"PROMT 9.5 products open the world markets for Russian companies." Irina Panasenkova, the PROMT sales director says. "The new line programs became even more convenient, and simultaneously they gave additional setup features within a company. And thanks to addition of new languages, our users can get even more information they need for successful business."

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