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PROMT solution helps employees of the ISHBANK to translate financial documentation

St. Petersburg, November 29, 2011.

The PROMT Company reports about successful integration of machine translation solution into the document circulation of the St. Petersburg branch of ISHBANK.

ISHBANK is one of the oldest Russian banks, that exists since 1994. Since April, 2011 100% of its shares belongs to the largest Turkish bank Turkiye IS Bankasi Anonim Sirketi.

In the summer 2011 the newest PROMT solution PROMT Translation Server 9.5, designed for intranet and corporate portals, was deployed in the company

Thanks to PROMT Translation Server all company employees work with different types of documents such as agreements, financial documentation, business correspondence, industry news - in foreign languages without help of human translators and without translating confidential information on online services.

"Document flow in foreign languages sharply increased after we became a part of a foreign bank," the managing director of the branch Alexey Stoletov tells. "However it did not create problems because we use machine translation. Our employees mastered PROMT without effort. Even those of them, whose specialization is far from foreign languages, are working now with documents coming from abroad independently."

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