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PROMT celebrated the 20th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg IT industry

On December 16 in St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry the 20th anniversary of software industry development in St. Petersburg was solemnly celebrated. Association of Russian software developers RUSSOFT was the event organizer.

Six Saint-Petersburg companies became the principal guests of a celebration: Codex, SoftJoys, Lanit-Terkom, Reksoft, PROMT and First Line Software.

All of them began the activity in 1991 and became pioneers in the development of crucially new industry in Russia .
"It was the courageous challenge to that time when production had practically stopped, foods were distributed by cards, and there were queues for food and goods of prime necessity in shops," the president of RUSSOFT Valentin Makarov reminisces. "At that moment there were leaders who took the path of the global competition in the sphere, which now is usually called innovative economy."

Undoubtedly, six companies which celebrated the anniversary in Chamber of Commerce and Industry can be called successful. In 20 years of operation many of them became leaders on a global scale. However not all projects which started together with them, now stay in the market.

"The celebration of the 20th anniversary of IT industry in St. Petersburg once again reminded me of the way passed by our industry," Svetlana Sokolova, the general director of the PROMT Company tells. "For these years companies endured ups and downs, not all of them lived to the day. And after all among them there were many interesting initiatives. Today everybody knows that business is not only bright ideas. But nobody has recipe of success. The only point that is clear is that good luck should accompany business in addition to any plan and hard work. And I want to wish it to my colleagues on IT business. And to those companies that celebrate the 20th anniversary together with us today and to younger projects."

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