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Its own PROMT to each industry!

The PROMT Company, leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for corporations and private users, reports about the release of specialized solutions: PROMT® Oil and Gas, PROMT® Metallurgy and PROMT® Power Industry intended for three key industries of Russian economy.

Today such Russian giants, as "Gazprom", "Lukoil" and "Norilsk Nickel", and also the leading international companies use PROMT machine translation solutions. The experience of implementation in these and other companies allowed PROMT Company to create ultimate products which are most considering features of the documentation translation in a specific industry and meeting the requirements of customers. For each product tens new dictionaries containing from 5 000 to 30 000 terms each were prepared. The total amount of special lexicon for one product is 300-400 000 terms.

In particular PROMT® Oil and Gas solution includes dictionaries on oil production, petrochemistry, oil transportation and many others. PROMT® Metallurgy solution includes, among others, dictionaries on mining, ecology and geology, metal working, and PROMT® Power Industry solution contains dictionaries on traditional and alternate power engineering, electrical engineering, energy production, etc.

Such spheres, as finance, economy, law and the taxation were taken into account too.
For the exact translation of standard documents solution includes special settings, “translation profiles” which allow to keep style and to use special terminology for documents of different type – technical and project documentation, agreements, instructions, scientific and special literature etc.
By means of the new solution any specialist of the company – engineer, manager, financier, lawyer – can easily get any document or website in his/her native language. It is also possible to get reference information from all dictionaries which are included into solution. Here is "Smart" search – words and phrases will be looked for in any grammatical form.

Every employee gets access to translation immediately – via the web interface, without a software installation on each workplace. The solution can be used remotely – from any point where the Internet is. It allows the companies to provide access to the solution not only in the head office, but also in branch offices, and to employees who are in a business trip.

If required PROMT translation function can be build into the most popular office applications and browsers. In this case the translation of documents, correspondence and websites is even quicker and more conveniently – without switching to a translation program window. After solution deployment from 40 to 80 % of information which earlier could pass through translation bureau or online services or it was simply postponed until the better days, at once comes to the specialist who works with it practically at the same speed, as with texts in his/her native language.  

"Deployment of innovative machine translation solution allows the company to save money and that is especially urgent in today's difficult economic situation," Julia Epifantseva, the head of PROMT Business Development Department tells. "Unreasonable expenses on translation are gone, working efficiency noticeably increases, employees concentrate on the main operation and do not even notice, how they get used to the translator-assistant, which is always at hand."

At the beginning of 2012 new PROMT solutions will be issued for several other leading industries such as banking sphere, IT and telecommunications, public sector etc.

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