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A language department in General Electric translates texts with PROMT

PROMT solutions are used by General Electric subsidiary in Kazakhstan.

General Electric is a global multi product company with a history that spans more than 130 years. GE has various fields of activity: from incandescent bulbs production to implementation of fuel cell batteries technologies and creation of more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aviation engines. Consolidated net profit of GE in 2011 amounted to 14.2 billion dollars. GE subsidiaries operate in dozens of countries, and GE products are used all over the world.

Large volume of internal and external information in different languages comes in GE subsidiaries and it should be quickly processed for further use in the company. If specialists and language departments would translate it manually they will be permanently overworking.
Machine translation solution allows to improve operational efficiency of language department. This innovative solution gives great opportunities for knowledge accumulating: all industry terminology and terms used in the company automatically appear in the translated text. This results in considerable time saving and improved productivity of translators.

The GE representative office in Kazakhstan decided on PROMT Language Service Provider (LSP) 9.5 solution for this purpose.

PROMT LSP 9.5 solution is created specifically for translation offices and departments of the companies. In development of solution PROMT has considered the experience in working with localization departments of PayPal, Adobe, Cisco and other industrial leaders. This solution provides maximum opportunities for professional operation of translators:

  • Integration with Translation Memories from different vendors.
  • Creating and managing dictionaries and glossaries, including those created during the previous work .
  • Automatic control of translation style for different document types.
  • Joint work of the team of translators.

This results in significant acceleration of the translation process after professional translation customization and allows controlling terms translation, preserving corporate style of documentation and knowledge accumulating.

General Electric translation department has been successfully using PROMT solution for the translation of different types of documentation: agreements, equipment documentation , technical standards and regulations, news, business correspondence.

Aygul Garifullina, the translator in General Electric representative office: ”We deployed the PROMT solution recently, and we already use it actively. First impressions as a whole are positive: with PROMT we get texts for further editing, and the remaining part of work is done much quicker, than when translating manually”.

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