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The Mobile Version of Online-translator.com can Speak Now

Online-translator.com, the PROMT online service, introduces updated mobile iOS and Android applications. Now it has two important additional features.

Firstly, the feature that allows listening to the word pronunciation was added. This feature was implemented in the major version of Online-translator.com a year ago along with the Forvo service. The service database contains about one and a half million of words and phrases recorded by native speakers mainly. Now users of iPhones, iPads and Android-based devices can listen to the pronunciation of words in different languages using their phones or pads. The feature now allows listening to the pronunciation of separate words only, rather that to the translated sentences. The feature that allows listening to the pronunciation of foreign words will help travelers to be more confident when using a foreign language.

Secondly, the history of translations is now available in the applications. That is, you can view recently translated texts. The free application version stores last 20 requests, and the paid one 50. This feature allows returning to earlier translated fragments when translating several texts in a row or a large text divided into short phrases. The previous translations are available without the Internet connection, which is also convenient for travelers.

The Online-translator.com mobile applications were released at the end of 2011 and are available for two operating systems: iOS and Android two versions are provided for each supported operating system: paid and free (with no ads). Mobile version of the website is available for devices with other operating systems.

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