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PROMT's DeepHybrid was introduced at MT Seminar

In June, 2012 in Montreal, the 7th seminar for statistical machine translation (WMT 2012) was held at the conference of the American department of the Computer Linguistics Association (NAACL 2012) and PROMT took part in the event. The company has been developing its own statistical translation technology since 2008 and participates in the seminar for the third time already.

Tens of leading experts from different countries, including representatives of SDL, IBM, Google, and researchers from MT teams from different universities of the world took participated in the seminar.

The main topics discussed at the seminar included methods and systems for the MT quality evaluation and training of statistical machine translation engines. The PROMT's advanced technology in this area was presented by the head of statistical research team, Alexander Molchanov. PROMT DeepHybrid is the own development of PROMT that integrates two main methods of machine translation: statistical and rule-based (RBMT) technologies.

Deep integration of statistical translation technologies into the PROMT RBMT translation system is the innovation of the PROMT hybrid system. This technology allows to ensure the maximum accuracy and smoothness of machine translation. Thus, the development is of high demand among large companies that needs localization and search for a solution providing quick and high quality translations of large information volumes. First customers who use the PROMT DeepHybrid are the leading American IT companies.

You can study the materials presented by PROMT at the seminar here.

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