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To Translate Key Words, Russian Photobank Uses Translate.Ru API

On the Phototimes photobank website, key words are automatically translated from English into Russian, and words for search requests are translated from Russian into English.

Phototimes is an official Russian partner of a large American photobank, Dreamstime, that offers images from its collection to physical persons and legal entities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Phototimes database is growing everyday. It contains more than 14 million photos, illustrations, and cliparts.

Russian designers working in mass media, publishing houses, advertising agencies and other companies, search for materials for the works in the directory. In such large database, to find quickly a picture that you want, you need to use key words.

Therefore, translation of key words into Russian considerably simplifies work of designers. Translating key words manually would be expensive, as the scope of work is great and irrational, as we talk about mechanical substitution of words and phrases available in dictionaries. Moreover, a person performing the task will simply not endure such monotonous work. Therefore Phototimes decided to use the machine translation technology and chose to use Translate.Ru API . This ready solution for embedding into websites uses the PROMT translation system and operates as a cloud-based service. It means that all operations are performed on PROMT servers, and the client pays only for the lease, taking into account the amount of translated words.

"The Translate.Ru API technology was integrated into the Phototimes website in November, 2011, and now we can speak about its efficiency" , noted the director of Phototimes, Vladislav Lebedinsky. "The service provided by the website, became friendlier to Russian-speaking users, which allowed involving new authors and buyers".

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