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Online-Translator.Com can speak Chinese now

The PROMT company has released new language pairs with simplified Chinese for the Online-Translator.Com service, mobile applications on iOS and Android, and PROMT Cloud API module. From Aug. 17, users can translate from Chinese to English and Russian, and vice versa.

China is increasingly integrated into the global community. Tourist flows to and from China increase, more and more people attend language courses, turnover of online stores AliExpress and JD.com amounts to tens of billions of dollars. This update from PROMT will help to learn more about Chinese language and culture, to find new business contacts, to make shopping more comfortable. Now fast and high-quality translation from Chinese to English and Russian, and vice versa, is available on the Online-Translator.Com website and its mobile version, as well as in the applications for iOS and Android. If there is a problem with a set of Chinese characters, you can use the photo translation option of PROMT mobile applications.

Translation from and to Chinese is also available for corporate users as a part of the PROMT Cloud API product distributed on a monthly subscription. The module will be especially useful for online stores cooperating with Chinese suppliers and for language learning websites with instant translation of multilingual information flow from the Internet, including descriptions from websites and dynamic user-generated content (blogs, reviews, comments).

"According to our statistics, one of the most popular translation topics on the Online-Translator.Com website and mobile applications is the correspondence with online stores and product descriptions. Alas, not all of them are properly translated into English. Lots of them are written in Chinese or in bad English. The level of English in China is rather low, which creates difficulties in doing business. At the same time, more and more Chinese companies and private entrepreneurs seek to enter the international market and invite residents to their country. A simple and easy-to-use translator will greatly assist all these categories of people in their business correspondence and during their business trips abroad," - says Boris Tikhomirov, director of PROMT mobile projects.

While developing these new language pairs, popular topics such as shopping, travel, business, and business correspondence were analyzed using statistical technologies, which helped to make the translation more accurate and correct. But the translator will continue to "study" and learn new words and phrases to make the translation quality even better. Regular users can also help this process using the "Offer your translation" feature of the Online-Translator.Com service. All corrected translations will be used to train a statistical engine.

The company plans to further develop the Chinese translation module and in addition to Simplified Chinese translation make it possible to work with Traditional Chinese.

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