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PROMT releases new versions of Reverso 5 Family products

PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies, released the new versions of Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert. The Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert provide translation for the following translation directions: English-French-English, English-German-English, English-German-English and French-Spanish.

The products of Reverso 5 Family based on the advanced PROMT translation technology and provide accurate translation of documents, e-mail letters and Web-sites. Reverso Pro 5 is positioned as a product for office users and those people who frequently need to translate short or long documents.

Reverso Expert presents more advanced translation and customization capabilities. This product is for experienced users hardworking with translation of large and complex documents. With Reverso Expert the users have the extended capabilities using more powerful linguistic editor Reverso with options of automatic determining of document template. Reverso Expert also provides the program for file translation in batch mode and additional options for specialized and user dictionaries management.

Both new versions of Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert have native support for Microsoft Office XP. It means the users can translate documents not quitting office applications, e.g. Word XP or Excel XP. It is fruitful and time saving - the entire document layout is fully preserved. Using the special button bar the users can translate the whole document, paragraphs or selected phrases.

Translating e-mails letters with Reverso products is very comfortable, because all the letters in Outlook XP will be automatically translated and routed to the folders chosen. The customization and adjusting options are also available when translating documents in Microsoft Office XP applications.

The new versions of Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert products also presents a number of updates in translation engines increasing translation accuracy and some bugs fixed. The products Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert are available in the following localizations: English, German, French and Spanish.

The new versions of Reverso Pro 5 and Reverso Expert are available for purchase in the PROMT's PROMT Online Shop.


PROMT ensures support and maintenance of the implemented systems worldwide and project management. Recently we have added human translation service and now are ready to offer technical documentation preconditioning, translation and publishing facilities. PROMT's Internet solution PROMT Internet Translation Server (PITS) works on the largest international and Russian sites: Lycos (Lycos.ru, Lycos.es, Lycos.de), Voila, Caramail, e-lingo, InfiniT.

Check the translation accuracy on free multilingual online translator Translate.ru. It provides online translation of text, web pages and e-mails.

Buy the translation products online at PROMT Online Shop.

Alexander Andreev
Marketing Manager
+7 (812) 327-4425

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